The Birds

by Conor McPherson, directed by Henry Wishcamper, Guthrie Theatre, MN
costumes: Jenny Mannis, lighting: Matthew Richards, sound: Scott W. Edwards

cast: J.C. Cutler, Summer Hagen, Angela Timberman, Stephen Yoakam
additional photos provided by Aaron Fenster, copyright protected images

"It doesn't take long to get sucked into the script thanks to Wilson Chin's carefully cluttered set, and soon it's hard to determine where the stage ends and reality begins."– Ellen Burkhardt, Minnesota Monthly

"Wilson Chin's set design captures the aesthetic of a well lived-in and much-loved house that's been abandoned in a hurry. Countless details contribute to this look, from gently used laundry baskets to bookshelves cluttered with trinkets and papers."– Anna Rosensweig, Aisle Say Twin Cities

"The cottage is itself a beautiful design. If it weren't being barraged by thousands of nefarious winged creatures, it easily could be featured on the cover of Cottage Beautiful."– Jason Zabel, A.V. Club Twin Cities

"Wilson Chin's detailed but economic set very effectively draws the audience into the characters' claustrophobic quarters, and evokes a sense of the threatening world beyond."– Jay Gabler, Twin Cities Daily Planet