Angel Street (Gaslight)

by Patrick Hamilton, directed by Jenn Thompson, Repertory Theatre of Saint Louis, MO
costumes: David Toser, lighting: Peter E. Sargent, sound: Rusty Wandall

cast: Janie Brookshire, Clark Scott Carmichael, Rachel Kenney, Geoffrey Wade, Amelia White, Andrew Oppman, Josh Roach


St. Louis Theater Circle Award winner, Outstanding Set Design

Broadway World Award winner, Best Scenic Design

"Heavenly design. Wilson Chin stars in Angel Street. Thanks to the designers work, this musty psychological drama claims its moment."– Judith Newmark, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

"A set that's full of surprises and becomes almost another performer in the show. If you have a third floor in your home, you may never go up there again."– Harry Hamm, CBS St. Louis

"Among the finest scenic designs ever to grace the Mainstage. Wilson Chin's work is stunning. As the play progresses, the set expands and becomes integral to the story."– Lynn Venhaus, Belleville News-Democrat

"One of the year's most impressive set designs, an ingenious, three-story structure conceived by Wilson Chin that was integral to this intricately crafted rendition."– Mark Bretz, Ladue News

"The real star is the remarkable set, responsible for adding to the suspenseful atmosphere of the play as any of the actors. It's deceptive at first, appearing to be a well-appointed Victorian drawing room set, but as the story develops, the true genius of the design is revealed, as walls become transparent to reveal other rooms and floors in the house."– Michelle Kenyon, Scoop's Theatre Thoughts

"A jaw dropping three-story Victorian house that becomes more and more haunted as the play goes on."– The Edwardsville Intelligencer