by Dominique Morisseau, directed by Megan Sandberg-Zakian, Huntington Theatre Company, MA
costumes: Ari Fulton, lighting: Adam Honoré, sound: Nathan Leigh

cast: Toccarra Cash, Jonathan Louis Dent, Patricia R. Floyd, Maurice E. Parent


7 IRNE Award nominations, including Best Set Design

 "A grittily realistic, gloriously detailed set by Wilson Chin. There's an undercurrent of bravado that comes through in the way scenic elements suggest forward movement, the pride of progress and achievement."– Killian Melloy, WBUR

 "Wilson Chin's scenic design features moving car doors whose start-and-stop motions mirror the disrupted rhythms of the once-mighty auto industry."– Don Aucoin, The Boston Globe

"Set designer Wilson Chin creates a highly detailed break room (right up to the Ford Mustang poster hanging on the beat up fridge), and his revolving stamped sheet metal doors and work fans are a stroke of brilliance."– Michael Hoban, The Theater Mirror

"The scenic design by Wilson Chin serves as a fifth character in its meticulous attention to detail."– Jack Craib, South Shore Critic

 "A jaw-dropping set by Wilson Chin replete with a visually functional break room while full sized, stamped units of car doors on an assembly line move overhead."– Susan Mulford, Boston & Beyond