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Romeo and Juliet

by William Shakespeare, directed by Peter Dubois, Huntington Theatre Company, MA
costumes: Ilona Somogyi, lighting: Russell H. Champa, sound: Obadiah Eaves

cast: Marianna Bassham, Matthew Bretschneider, Nancy E. Carroll, Margaret Clark, George Hampe, Matthew J. Harris, Ed Hoopman, Will Lyman, Nael Nacer, Celeste Oliva, Zaven Ovian, Maurice E. Parent, Dale Place, Omar Robinson, Lily Santiago, Khyati Sehgal, Kai Tshikosi, John Zdrojeski

additional photos provided by T. Charles Erickson, copyright protected images

"It’s pretty apparent from the outset that this is not going to be a period piece, as the play opens with the full cast standing motionless against the backdrop of a dozen video screens. The choice to update Romeo and Juliet to draw parallels to the dangers of misguided hatred to the current time period is a wise one."– Michael Hoban, Theatre Mirror 

"The Huntington Romeo and Juliet takes place in the present, with a set by Wilson Chin that resembles a sterile conference room or congressional chamber. Twelve rectangular shapes hang above the stage at the start of the play, adorned with bars and grids, like TV screens whose signals are scrambled. Indeed, one reads "‘No signal’."– Don Aucoin, The Boston Globe

"Wilson Chin’s scenic design is marked by several blinking TV screens, dark marble walls, slim midcentury chairs, and imposing flags. This is not so much a modern-day Verona as it is a glossy, global embassy."– Jillian Kravatz, Dig Boston