The Winter's Tale

by William Shakespeare, directed by Barry Edelstein, The Old Globe, CA
costumes: Judith Dolan, lighting: Russell H. Champa, sound: Fitz Patton, original music: Michael Torke

cast: Billy Campbell, Natacha Roi, Jordi Bertran, Maya Kazan, Paul Michael Valley, A.Z. Kelsey, Cornell Womack, Mark Nelson, Angel Desai, Meaghan Boeing, Kushtrim Hoxha, Robbie Simpson, Paul Kandel, Brendan Spieth, Lindsay Brill, Erin Elizabeth Adams, Patrick Zeller, Jamal Douglas, Nadia Guevara, Albert Park

"Wilson Chin's sets present massive contrasts– gleaming glass and cold metal for Sicilia, sprouting flowers and soaring trees for Bohemia– both fit beautifully with Edelstein's vision for the piece."– James Hubert, San Diego Union-Tribune

"Superb design by Wilson Chin transports the audience from one place to another as easily as a blink of an eye."– Diana Saenger, La Jolla Light

"Wilson Chin has provided a visually stunning, yet sleek and expansive playing area."– Jack Lyons, Desert Local News

"Flowers sprout from the parquet wood floor and strings of party lights drape where gleaming modern fixtures once lived (credit Russell H. Champa and Wilson Chin for their outstanding designs)."– Ellen Dostal, Broadway World

"Wilson Chin's scenic design is wondrous."– Charlene Baldridge, San Diego Downtown News

"Many images arrest: pieces of paper flickering down like snow (a slight suggestion of 9/11?); strings of lightning-bulbs; the infamous bear in triplicate, with Sasquatch-long arms. The final stage pictures arrest most of all: Hermione's majestic 'statue' glitters like a religious icon."– Jeff Smith, San Diego Reader