The American Plan

by Richard Greenberg, directed by Kim Rubinstein, The Old Globe, CA
costumes: Emily Pepper, lighting: Chris Rynne, sound: Paul Peterson

cast: Kate Arrington, Sharon Hope, Michael Kirby, Sandra Shipley, Patrick Zeller


"There's no carping at the environment with the photographic realism of Wilson Chin's weed-infested garden (complete with symbolic dilapidated rowboat) and a superbly conceived coda in Eva's Manhattan mansion."– Bob Verini, Variety

"The production is stunning. Wilson Chin's set is beautifully bucolic, all grass, rocks and flowers, with a weathered wood walkway, an old rowboat, even a functional pond."– Pat Launer, Curtain Calls

"Wilson Chin's inviting and inventive set opens with a splashy little visual surprise, and closes with an exquisitely wistful image, like a bouquet of woe."– James Hebert, San Diego Union-Tribune

"Wilson Chin have gone to ingenious lengths to satisfy the challenges of the in-the-round stage."– Paul Hodgins, Orange County Register