Anything Goes

by Cole Porter, Timothy Crouse, John Weidman, etc., directed by Daniel Goldstein, Goodspeed Musicals, CT
choreography: Kelli Barclay, costumes: Ilona Somogyi, lighting: Brian Tovar, sound: Jay Hilton

cast: Rashidra Scott, Desiree Davar, Stephen DeRosa, Hannah Florence, David Harris, Benjamin Howes, Kingsley Leggs, Denise Lute, Patrick Richwood, Brittany Bohn, Sy Chounchaisit, Alison Jantzie, Jay Aubrey Jones, John Ramsey, Christopher Shin, Karilyn Ashley Surratt, Sam Tanabe, James Tolbert, Edward Tolve, John T. Wolfe, Cooper Taggard, Chiara Trentalange

additional photos provided by Diane Sobolewski

"It's a stem-to-stern voyage of perfection that boasts a bold, innovative set. The decision to present the orchestra on the upper deck of the ship heightens the show's impact, allowing the stage to extend over the orchestra pit and bringing Wilson Chin's bright, bold set closer to the audience."– Douglas P. Clement, New York Times

"The set by Wilson Chin provides a beautiful and ingenious backdrop for the action, and the set changes on board are seamless."– Brooks Appelbaum, Shoreline Times

"Anything Goes looks like a dream. Cool set moments: sections of the bright-white ship are pulled out like puzzle pieces to create cabin interiors. And there's a dramatic moment when a sparkling red curtain unfurls– whoosh!– from the ceiling to establish the ship's nightclub."– Kristina Dorsey, New London Day

"Wilson Chin's ocean liner set is a beautiful Art Deco masterpiece and an impressive and creative use of the limited space."– Joseph Harrison, Broadway World