The Way of the World

by William Congreve, directed by Michael Kahn, Shakespeare Theatre Company, DC
costumes: Jane Greenwood, lighting: Charlie Morrison, music: Adam Wernick, sound: Veronika Vorel

cast: Stacey Cabaj, Veanne Cox, Colleen Delany, Julie-Ann Elliott, Stephen J. Hoochuk, Christopher Innvar, Elizabeth Jernigan, Floyd King, Andrew Long, Deanne Lorette, Doug Rees, Nancy Robinette, Todd Scofield, Jeffrey Scott, J. Fred Shiffman, Peter Boyer


"To wear the threads and hang about the lollipop trees of Wilson Chin's eye-catching set, director Michael Kahn has put together a seasoned cast, well-versed in this sort of decorous exhibitionism." – Peter Marks, Washington Post

"Way of the World's knotted plot untangles itself on an elegant series of crisp white and gold sets designed by Wilson Chin. Restrainted and smartly edited, they are the perfect backdrop for Jane Greenwood's ornate costumes." – Tom Avila, Metro Weekly

"Michael Kahn's immaculate production borrows a palette from the most exquisitely tended parklands and ornamental gardens. From Wilson Chin's set– featuring lollipop topiary lining the back of the stage– to Jane Greenwood's dazzling costumes, everything is rendered in the most lustrous verdant shades of the refreshing hue." – Jayne Blanchard, The Washington Times

"The Shakespeare Theatre continues its marvelous design and technical work. As the audience comes into the theatre, before them is a large doll house-like structure called the Chocolate House. As the lights come up the house pops open and the evening is off and running." – David Siegel, Potomac Stages