The Violet Hour

by Richard Greenberg, directed by Barry Edelstein, Barrington Stage Company, MA
costumes: Jessica Ford, lighting: Chris Lee, sound: Matthew M. Nielson

cast: Opal Alladin, Heidi Armbruster, Brian Avers, Nat DeWolf, Austin Lysy


"Production starts out promising, with spacious, layered and detailed set design by Wilson Chin that evokes a muted world, as if in a fading photograph from the play's time period, 1919." – Chris Newbound, Variety

"This production is a dream, starting with Wilson Chin's pop-up book set." – Paul Lamar, Schenectady Gazette

"Barry Edelstein has put together a fine production team, anchored by Wilson Chin and his wonderful set design." – Jim White, The Times Union

"Wilson Chin has designed an amazing set, a slanted Collier Brothers rabbit warren of a 14th-floor office with moveable wall-to-wall windows overlooking the cavernous streets of corporate New York." – Charles Kondek, The Independent