by Nina Raine, directed by David Muse, Studio Theatre, DC
costumes: Kathleen Geldard, lighting: Matthew Richards, sound: Ryan Rumery, projections: Erik Trester

cast: Michael Tolaydo, Nancy Robinette, Richard Gallagher, Annie Funke, James Caverly, Helen Cespedes


5 Helen Hayes Award nominations, including Best Play

"The lived-in, bohemian, kitchen-den compactly arranged by Wilson Chin, with its book-crammed, strewn about paintings decor with the piano next to the refrigerator, makes a strong statement about who this family is before a word of dialogue is ever spoken."– Sydney-Chanele Dawkins, DC Metro Theater Arts

"Strong production elements make this offering a worthy one. Chin's attention to detail gives us great insight into what the family values and how academics play heavily into how they interact."– Jennifer Perry, Broadway World

"The design team has done an outstanding job. Wilson Chin places us in the family's bookish world."– Robert Michael Oliver, Maryland Theatre Guide