by Samuel D. Hunter, directed by Eric Ting, Long Wharf Theatre, CT
costumes: Paloma Young, lighting: Matthew Richards, sound: Brandon Wolcott

cast: Randy Danson, Arielle Goldman, Martin Moran, Lucy Owen

additional photos provided by T. Charles Erickson, copyright protected images


"Wilson Chin's set perfectly captures the changes that the play's characters witness in a once small town."– Sherry Shameer Cohen, Broadway World

"Even the unfussy set by Wilson Chin helps deliver the message. The fireworks stand is a bouquet of gaudy, threadbare patriotism, slowly being worn down by the brown earth around it. In a nice touch, the stage is framed by a rusting shipping container that serves as both a back curtain and a partial wall for the characters to enter and exit the stage as needed."– Brian Slattery, New Haven Independent

"Wilson Chin has designed a remarkable set with a corrogated suggestion of an abandoned truck lining the back of the stage."– Andrew Beck, Hartford Examiner