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Wild Goose Dreams

by Hansol Jung, directed by Leigh Silverman, La Jolla Playhouse, CA / The Public Theater, NYC
choreography: Yasmine Lee, costumes: Linda Cho, lighting: Keith Parham, sound: Joanna Lynne Staub, composers: Paul Castles and Jongbin Jung

cast: Yunjin Kim, James Kyson, Francis Jue, Carolyn Agan, Julian Cihi, Rona Figueroa, Samantha Wang, DeLeon Dallas, Kyle Hester, Kimberly Monks


"Wilson Chin’s simple but elegant set includes a smartly conceived water element."– James Hubert, San Diego Union-Tribune

"Highly imaginative with fantastical elements, the set design by Wilson Chin is very clean and clear, allowing for plenty of room for the cast to fill the space as needed."– E.H. Reiter, Broadway World

"A remarkable creative team makes this intricate creation look effortless in its execution including a set design by Wilson Chin that is transformative and lends perfectly to the driving pace of the storyline."– Rodney Rodriguez, Edge Media Network

"Chin’s deceptively plain scenery helps allow the one-act play to feel intimate. It’s a bold and powerful theatrical event."– David Dixon, Talkin’ Broadway

"Wilson Chin’s set combines the mystical with the barest of realities. Unvarnished wooden planks jut out to the audience; two large black recessed rectangles flank the floor. Sometimes, and sight unseen, they fill with water."– Jeff Smith, San Diego Reader